Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Press Wants You to Think Sri Lanka's Government are the Bad Guys

The Associated Press: Sri Lanka Won't Revive 2002 Cease-Fire They withdrew from a "cease fire."

Of course the real reason that they stopped pretending there was a cease fire, is that there wasn't a cease fire.
Despite the cease-fire, near-daily ambushes, assassinations and airstrikes killed more than 5,000 people in the last two years.
Do you think it was the government inflicting all those ambushes, or do you think it was the terrorist group they are fighting? I'm not saying that the is no blood on the hands of the government. They are fighting a war. You can't fight a war be nice at the same time.

But the press is almost universally trumpeting how horrible it is that the government won't go back to talking.
Government spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella said the rebels had used the cease-fire to strengthen themselves militarily and "to continue their terrorist activities."

"Considering the ground realities, it (the rebel's offer) looks hilarious," said Rambukwella.
But that is the mantra of the Left. It is always better to talk. It was better for Neville Chamberlain to talk to Hitler in the late 30's than to enforce the treaties that ended World War One. That it gave the Nazis time to finish arming was irrelevant. That he basically signed off of the Nazi invasion of Bulgaria was OK because he talked - he came home and declared "Peace for our time" and told everyone to "go home and have a nice sleep." But talking is always better than standing up to someone. At least to the Left, that is.

The truth is that the cease-fire in Sri Lanka was only a diversion by the terrorists to get some breathing space to reorganize. That's apparently what they have done. The government has little choice but to face reality.

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