Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Restraining Order, Probation from Prior Arrest No Deterrent

Man to Stand Trial for Brutal Attack on Estranged Wife - FOX6 San Diego A restraining order has been in place since Oct of '07. The goblin was on probation from a prior domestic violence assault. All of that and he still nearly killed her.

Still think the police and the courts and restraining orders can help?

He demanded entry to her home, and when she refused he dove through a window.
The woman said she ran out of her apartment screaming for help, but he caught up with her quickly.

"He ran out after me, picked me up and carried me back to the apartment," Lawrence said.
Among other things, he stabbed her in the neck with a barbecue fork.

Neighbors eventually came to her aid - before police got there. (Oh, she called 911 before he broke in.)
Lawrence was hospitalized six days for treatment of a broken eye socket, a fractured rib, broken bones in a foot and a dislocated jaw.

In addition to attempted murder and torture, Williams is charged with false imprisonment, battery causing great bodily injury, making criminal threats, residential burglary and a misdemeanor of violating a restraining order.
When seconds count, police are only minutes away. Me? I would have shot him the minute he hit the ground after diving through the window, but in Florida, that would be legal.

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