Sunday, January 13, 2008

Self-defense without weapons

Learning to pack a punch Knowing how to defend yourself without a weapon is good. You may not have a weapon handy when you need it.

But articles (or classes) about self-defense that ignore the use of weapons leave me cold. Humans use tools. Why would you not use a tool to save your life?

Still, I do like the attitude of the instructor.
"If you have the opportunity to poke them in the eyes, I don’t want you to poke them in the eyes. I want you to put your fingers in as far as you can until they come out the other side. Drive your fingers back into their brains," [Columbia police Sgt. John Worden] said. Punch them "square on the nose to drive their septum into the non-thinking part of their brain. It’s disgusting, it’s gross, I know. But they’re trying to hurt you, and they’re trying to take things from you they have no right to take."
In a real fight, you aim to kill. You keep fighting until the threat is neutralized. (Dead counts as neutralized.) If you get hurt you keep fighting. (It may hurt, but that pain means you are still alive.)

The more ways you can defend yourself the better.

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