Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Should the Police Have to Live with Same Rules?

Gun policy a no-brainer - Well now, that's a question isn't it.

The issue is police officers who have restraining orders against them. Should they be allowed to carry guns? When an average person finds themselves the subject of a domestic violence restraining order, the first order is to surrender all guns.
Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis last week made clear that a cop accused of smacking his wife or her husband around ought not be carrying a gun while the incident is investigated. Other than union leadership, we’re hard-pressed to think of anyone who might disagree.

Ah, but as if on cue, a lawyer for the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association steps up to play the “now hold on just a second” role:
It is as if the police just determined that domestic violence restraining order are routinely issued ex parte, on the word of one person. Everyone in a domestic dispute has to deal that issue. And yes, even the police should have to live by the same rules.

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