Wednesday, January 09, 2008

“The System” Fails Another Battered Spouse

D.A. to probe lapses in murder-suicide - Los Angeles Times They let this guy go. He was supposed to be in prison for 16 months for threatening his ex, but they let him go to "get his affairs in order."

They were warned, but lawyers know best. Don't they?
The prosecutor advocated for the release even though Harris had an extensive criminal record and despite a report by the county Probation Department concluding that Harris was "unsuitable for release."
Maybe the lawyers should listen to someone else for a change.

Of course the fact that the hearing where he was released happened right before Christmas and the attorney assigned was on vacation, that wouldn't have anything to do with it, now would it?
"What I know about this case is that there are elements that concern me given his conduct before his arrest," said Pamela K. Booth, a branch supervisor who oversees the district attorney's office in Pomona. "What I know so far is that he showed a pattern of escalating violence against the victim."
Sounds like a good candidate for release, don't you think?

Oh, and that holiday thing wouldn't have anything to do with not following standard procedure now would it?
It is normal procedure for prosecutors to inform victims in domestic abuse cases beforehand if the defendant is going to be released from custody. But for reasons that investigators are still trying to determine, that didn't happen in this case.
The system won't protect you. The system won't keep the bad guys in jail. The system won't warn you if you are in danger. You are on your own.

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