Tuesday, January 15, 2008

This Country Must Be Running Like a Well-oiled Machine

The Associated Press: Congress to Ask Justice on Tejada First we had the FBI reopen the D.B. Cooper case. I mean, he stole all of a couple of hundred thousand dollars in 1971 and probably died.

Now we have the House of Representatives asking Justice to investigate Baseball.

It must be that there are no terrorists, or organized crime syndicates, or illegal drug cartels to deal with, now a stupid game is the important enough to waste my tax dollars on.

And the House must have solved all of the problems with Social Security, and immigration and home loans because they obviously have too much time on their hands too.</sarcasm>

I really wish the people that we elect and send to Washington would spend at least a LITTLE of their time trying to run the country. (And not run it into the ground with pork-barrel spending.)

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