Friday, January 04, 2008

What I'm Reading

Given how much I like David Weber's Honor Harrington series, and how much I like fantasy, in the tradition of Tolkien, I can't believe I didn't find Oath of Swords, War God's Own and Windrider's Oath before now.

I have to say, that while there are some problems (a few glaring), the stories are good, the characters are lively, and the writing is very good.

The biggest problem is the "traditional" outfit he has given the War Maids in the 3rd book. It amounts to a leather sports bra and a mini skirt. I suppose this is only to be expected from a man, but really. While the War Maids aren't the same as Marion Zimmer-Bradley's Renunciates or the residents of Sheri Tepper's Women's Country (or a few others), they share similarities with both. But both of those women put their independent women in trousers, not cheer-leading uniforms.

Still, even if he does often make "mistakes" like that which remind me he is a man writing women characters, (every once in a while, he has Honor Harrington say something that no woman in her position would say in a job-related situation) he does create women characters who are as tough as nails, and his stuff is still fun to read.

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