Friday, January 25, 2008

Why is Egypt Fencing off Gaza?

AFP: Egypt struggles to herd Gazans back to confinement I have to ask again... why is it that we hear - quite regularly - about how horrible Israel's fence is and we hear next to nothing - and NO value judgments about Egypt's fence? It couldn't be a touch of antisemitism in the media now could it?
RAFAH, Gaza Strip (AFP) — Hamas [terrorists] on Friday used a bulldozer to open new breaches on the border with Egypt where security forces had tried to retake control and stem a three-day flood of Palestinians seeking food and supplies.

The earthmover opened two new breaches in the frontier a few dozen metres (yards) apart as Egyptian police stood by powerless to intervene, having earlier used electric batons and water cannon in a bid to herd Palestinians back into confinement in Gaza.
Egyptian forces were using electric batons (known as cattle prods) and they were spreading out coils of "barbed wire." Probably concertina wire, but reporters can't be expected to get the language right. (I mean, be fair, it is only their job.)

You would almost get the feeling from this that Egyptians don't like the Palestinians.
The Rafah crossing, Gaza's only border post that bypasses Israel, has been closed almost continuously.
Not too friendly as neighbors go.

The Useless Nitwits at the United Nations said about half the population of Gaza went to buy supplies in Egypt.

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