Friday, January 11, 2008

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Congressional Report Slams TSA For Security Breach -- Security -- InformationWeek First they create a list of suspected terrorists that is so bad, it catches Ted Kennedy. (No bridge jokes please!)

Then, after well publicized screw-ups like that one, they create a web site for people to get their names off the list. A "submit your personal information here" web site. Only one small problem, they didn't put any security on it.
Hundreds of Americans inappropriately placed on airline security watch lists and either banned from commercial air travel or subject to additional screening have also had to worry about identity theft for the past year. The Transportation Security Administration Web site set up to help innocent travelers clear their name has been deemed "insecure."

A report issued on Friday by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee says that between October 6, 2006, when the TSA launched its Redress Management System [RMS] site, and February 13, 2007, when the site ceased operation following revelations about its lack of security, "[a]t least 247 travelers submitted their personal information through the unsecured 'file your application online' link."
It would be bad enough that we were paying for government employees and government contractors who don't have enough savvy to come in out of a thunderstorm put security on a public web site, but even after their screw-up came to light, no action was taken. (We still are paying for the same consulting company.)

I guess the government unions really are good.

Oh, and just how bad is that terrorist watch list?
According to a September 2007 report from the U.S. Department of Justice, that "43% of the names reported to the TSC [Terrorist Screening Center database] are false positives."
Good going guys. Makes you wonder how many true-positives they miss.

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