Saturday, February 02, 2008

All of Illinois Is a Disarmed Victim Zone

So of course, bad things happen. Gunman Kills 5 at Store in Chicago Suburb. Only the bad guys have guns, the law-abiding citizen is disarmed by the state.
TINLEY PARK, Ill. — The authorities in this suburb southwest of Chicago were engaged in a massive search on Saturday evening for a man they say shot and killed five women inside a clothing store during a robbery attempt that went terribly wrong.
Residents of the suburb are - wait for it - shocked to discover that crime can occur in their enclave.
As they learned what had happened, many shoppers here seemed stunned at the thought of such violence in Tinley Park, a fast-growing village.
("Village" is a legal definition in Illinois, strictly distinct from "city" and not related to population.) The quotes - none from residents of Tinley Park - were predictable. Just points out the "it can't happen here" mentality of the suburbs.

And of course the "it can't happen here" attitude means that the people interviewed - they were women, one of whom talked about "soccer moms" - could never imagine defending themselves. That is for other people to do. Other kinds of people in other kinds of places. Of course they are mistaken.

If you are reading this, you live in the Real World™ and that means that crime can strike you. Get used to the idea, and prepare for the eventuality.

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