Thursday, February 07, 2008

How NOT to Win a PR Campaign

Gay Flag Sounding the alarm against gays Oh those icky gays.

Seems Eureka Springs, Arkansas, is a bit too diverse for the good folks at The American Family Association. They claim a gay coup has taken place. Eureka Springs is (somewhat) famous for 2 things: a Passion Play - done in the summer - and a statue called Christ of the Ozarks.
Both play and statue were projects of Gerald L.K. Smith, a noted anti-Semite, now deceased, who moved to Eureka in the 1960s.
Sounds like it must have been a cozy little town, what with the influence of hate everywhere. Until last year that is.
The Eureka Springs City Council last year adopted an ordinance creating the domestic party registry. Unmarried couples, gay or straight, can register with the city and receive a certificate recognizing their relationship. It's signed by the mayor and the city clerk. The certificate doesn't legalize gay marriage, which is illegal under state law, but the official recognition can be useful in other ways, such as obtaining benefits as a couple from an employer.
Heavens! To think that some people might actually be able to get health insurance! Where will it end? Before you know it, they'll have dental coverage. It will be the end of civilization as we know if gays were able to get survivor benefits, and death-tax breaks, and be able to make medical decisions for their partners. (You better man the barricades.)
A writer on said:

“That sound you hear is the squealing tires on the church buses driving away from Eureka Springs. All the AFA's mocumentary succeeded in doing was to scare away the ‘faith-based' market it claims to represent by telling them Eureka has been ‘taken over by professional, militant homosexuals.' With the AFA's help, spokesmen for the Great Passion Play and Best Western/Inn of the Ozarks shot themselves in the feet while bemoaning the notion of ‘gay-friendly' on film. Conversely, in a way, the AFA is one of the best ad agencies we've ever had. Thanks to the attention the video has generated in the blogosphere, a great many more potential tourists now know about this progressive, enlightened, inclusive off-beat little town
Have to find out when the diversity weekends are going to be held there.

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