Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mafia Targeted

La Cosa Nostra Indicted; Gambino Crime Family Arrested And here I didn't think the FBI was doing anything important. (I mean they did re-open the D.B. Cooper case.) It seems they have been up to something.
The Mafia is alive and well – or at least it was until Thursday when the entire administration of the Gambino crime family was arrested.
62 people were arrested in America and more in Italy.
Separately, Italian authorities were rounding up 30 suspected mafia members there, including the principal crime family in Sicily. US authorities said the operations were coordinated and were intended, in part, to help sever ties between US and Italian crime families.
Of course as long as we try to wage the pointless War on (some) Drugs, there will be organized crime. These guys will just be replaced by other guys - assuming they can convict all of them.

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