Thursday, February 07, 2008

More Info on Palm Beach Mall Killings

Authorities turn to 'Most Wanted' and MySpace in Bochicchio murders The Sheriff of Palm Beach County, Ric Bradshaw, is saying there may be a serial killer involved.
Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said during a taping of America's Most Wanted in suburban Delray Beach that "all the signs are there" linking the Dec. 12 murders of Nancy Bochicchio and her daughter, who were found bound and shot to death in an idling SUV outside the upscale shopping center, and the killing of Randi Gorenberg, a wife and mother shot to death after visiting the Town Center mall on March 23. The sheriff also pointed to an Aug. 7 robbery in which a 31-year-old woman and her 2-year-old son were also bound and held at gunpoint and said all three crimes might be the work of the same killer.
Oh, and as for the ever-present advice to call 911 and have the police save you....
The MySpace page also noted that Nancy Bochicchio made a 911 call to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, a previously undisclosed detail, but that the phone went dead. A dispatcher's attempts to call back were unsuccessful.
All too often that strategy doesn't work out too well.

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