Saturday, February 09, 2008

Restraining Order Fails to Stop Stabbing

Teacher Stabbed By Husband In Front Of Class It is a good thing that weapons of any kind are banned from schools, someone might get hurt. Oh, wait a minute...
A teacher from Portsmouth, Ohio, was stabbed by her husband Thursday morning in front of her students, according to authorities.

Christi Layne declared that she was terrified of her husband and after separating from him; she got a restraining order and got an alarm system installed at her house.
The times when stalking victims are most vulnerable is when they are at known locations on known schedules. Add in defense-free policies, and you should not be surprised there are problems.

Those vulnerable times include picking up and dropping off kids at school or daycare, to and from work and at work, to and from religious services. They are all places you have to be at certain times, and all places you are likely to be disarmed "for your safety," or the safety of your stalker.

Since he was able to walk into her class, relatively unmolested, even though there was a restraining order held by one of the employees of the school tells you something about how serious (sic) they take security. Oh, the doors were supposed to be locked. I wonder what quality locks were used. I wonder what quality doors were used. I wonder when we will start to take school security seriously. (Probably after something like Beslan happens here.)

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