Friday, February 22, 2008

Standard Operating Procedure?

Update: Xavier has more on this officer.

Xavier Thoughts: Blood on the Floor A woman being booked says she is glad the booking is being video taped, so the officer turns the video recorder off.
When it is turned back on, Garbarino [the woman being booked] is seen lying in a pool of blood, being assessed by another officer, and finally being taken away on a stretcher. Willis [the officer in question] was recently fired. His lawyer, Eron Brainard, claims Garbarino tripped and fell. In the process she cut her face, broke her teeth, broke her nose, and gave herself two black eyes. He states the video tape was turned off "in accordance with normal practice."
Go look at the video if you have a strong stomach.

"She tripped and fell." If you believe that I have a bridge you might be interested in buying.

Here's an idea. Everything police do all the time they are on duty or doing anything remotely official has to be video recorded. If for any reason, that video tape is NOT available when a citizen is injured, that is prima facie evidence that they are guilty of whatever the citizen accuses them of. I don't care if the recorder blew up, caught fire, or the K-9 unit ate their homework video recorder.

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