Thursday, February 14, 2008

They Must Have Purchased These from the Low Bidder

ABC News: Invisible Killer in Katrina Victims' Trailers The emergency trailers that they let people live in after Katrina - why are they still living there? - are contaminated with formaldehyde. Well, contaminated is probably not the right term. It is how the things were built.
Today, the government finally admitted that FEMA trailers, used by Hurricane Katrina survivors, contain a toxic carcinogen, formaldehyde, and now, those hurricane evacuees must leave their trailers.
Glues in the walls and carpet are the main culprits. FEMA is now officially out of the trailer business, they announced that they will NOT provide trailers for people.

If you are within the sound of my voice able to read this, you live in the real world. It would be a good idea to formulate some level of disaster plan given the track record of FEMA - Katrina is only the most recent example, they didn't do any better with Andrew. MINIMUM of three days - that's how long you will be on your own. New Orleans was longer than that. And if you have any doubts about going into a refugee camp, the visions of NOLA's Dome should answer that. Be prepared now to drive out in advance, or drive or walk out after the fact. Don't assume the government will rescue you, and don't expect any of us to feel too sorry. Katrina (and Andrew) was you warning. And if you think you are "safe" because you don't live in hurricane country, guess again. Everybody has some risk factors. (for example, the New Madrid fault.) Hurricane and earthquake prone areas just get more practice.

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