Friday, February 08, 2008

What Britian Needs is Common Sense Anti-freeze Control

I adored her. She said she adored me. So why did my wife try to kill me with anti-freeze? | the Daily Mail She tried to poison you for the insurance money.

This is a pretty gruesome story about poisoning. The result is the husband, though alive, is on dialysis, part of his face is paralyzed from brain damage, and he can hear only through cochlear implants that are not perfect. He is blind.

All because she had a lot of debt, and no inhibitions against murder.
After running up thousands of pounds in secret debts, her deadly solution was to poison her husband in the hope of cashing in on insurance policies on his life which she thought would pay out £250,000. She spent months on the internet researching the best way to kill him, before choosing anti-freeze, which contains ethylene glycol that can kill in small doses.
My point is not to make light of this tragedy. My point is to make light of the Left's attempt to make everyone safe. People with bad intentions will always be able to pick up a hammer, poisonous household chemicals, a blunt object or a pointy stick.

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