Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What Happens if There Are No Service Providers

Future of NHS services at risk, say dentists - Telegraph Dentists in the UK, so done in by the National Health Service, are leaving the system. I suppose some power-mad statist with make it crime for them to stop.

Don't believe the system is insane?
Dentists say the system is patently unfair and does not properly measure the amount of work carried out. For example, they receive the same fee for giving a patient one filling as for giving that patient five fillings.
Do you think it might take a little longer to get more than 1 filling? Do you think it might cost a bit more in supplies? But then government has never been very good managing economics.

I expect that someone will try to make it illegal for dentists (or doctors) to get out of the public health-care system, in which case they will all leave the country or leave the business. Healers haven't always been in it for the money, but you have to be able to make ends meet or you're better off as a plumber.

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