Friday, March 07, 2008

Can You Wait 12 Minutes?

Waiting game: WVC needs to improve police response times - Salt Lake Tribune That is the average response time for one area for police response to "Serious Crimes in Progress," not their total average response.
By serious crimes, we mean shootings, burglaries, domestic violence with a weapon and other Priority One calls, defined as crime-in-progress calls that require immediate attention. And by response time, we mean the elapsed time from the receipt of the call at a dispatch center until an officer arrives on the scene.
A lot of bad things can happen in 12 minutes, and some people will be waiting longer than that.

The Left loves to champion the idea that we can just call 911 and wait for the police to save us, but that is patently false. When seconds count, police are minutes - sometimes many minutes - away. When confronted with a violent goof-ball, you are going to be on your own for a good long time. Do you have plan of how to react?

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