Monday, March 31, 2008

He was shot even though he cooperated

UPDATE: Greenville Clerk Shot In Early Morning Convenience Store Robbery The Left loves the refrain, "Cooperate with criminals and you will be safe." They never seem to mention rape, just robbery, but even so. That claim to safety is a lie.
Officers say a man, wearing all black with a banadana covering his face is seen with a semi-automatic handgun. Detectives say the suspect demanded money from the clerk, 58 year old John Stowell. Officers say Stowell complied and was shot anyway as the gunman tried to get away.
The simple fact is that violent criminals are violent, and even if you cooperate, they will remain violent.

Of course having a plan for your defense will not guarantee your safety either. There are no guarantees in this life. But it is better to recognize that and plan accordingly than trust to advice that is plainly not true.

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