Thursday, March 13, 2008

Facts About Semi-automatic Weapons

I find myself saying the same thing over and over and over again, so here is the bulk of the information about what the Left loves to call "assault rifles."

This first video was produced by a San Jose, California police officer to try and address some of the confusion and out-right lies propagated by the media, and the anti-gun crowd concerning semi-automatic weapons.

10 minutes to clear up the confusion. Here are some highlights:

The BATFE (toward the end) in testimony to Congress couldn't define "assault rifle" separate from fully automatic. Fully automatic firearms have been heavily controlled since the Firearms Act of 1934, and virtually outlawed for private citizens since 1987.

The LA gang crime unit (Det. Trahin) in testimony stated that the LA street gang unit had NEVER discovered a semi-automatic firearm that had been converted to fully automatic. They are different technologies, and to do so would require virtually rebuilding the weapon from scratch.

On another topic - The Clinton gun ban, banned no guns. It outlawed the manufacture of NEW weapons that had certain cosmetic features. (A folding stock, a bayonet mount, etc.) The millions of weapons already manufactured were always legal for sale.

Post Ban AR-15Here is the photo of an AR-15 "post ban" rifle. It was legally manufactured during the Clinton ban, because it lacks those cosmetic features. (No bayonet mount for example. Were bayonets used in a large number of crimes, and I just missed reading about that?)

Can you tell that it isn't an "assault rifle?"

In many states these guns are not legal for deer hunting because they ARE NOT POWERFUL ENOUGH to stop a deer cleanly and humanely. (for you shooters - you can disagree with that statement, but that is why they are outlawed.) But the press makes them sound like they are the ultimate terror weapon. They aren't.

It has been said that there is no reason to own such a weapon. Aside from the fact that people (a large number of people) use these weapons every week in sporting events (the AR-15 is the most popular rifle in high-powered rifle matches, triple-gun matches, and few other competitions), if I owned property of 5 acres or more, something like this would probably be my favored home defense weapon, backed up with a shotgun and pistols for closer range defense. It is lightweight, rugged, accurate, ammunition is readily available, etc.

The video on Babes with Bullets shows how they are used in competition, even if the reporter repeats the propaganda of the Left. - the pistol grip is NOT for shooting from the hip - it is a good piece. You have to page down to see the video. But it was surprising that a national news organization could produce something this positive about guns. Bias is everywhere in the media. (Pistol grips are there to improve accuracy.)

The largest single mass murder committed in the US was committed using 60 cents worth of gasoline. The "Happy Land Arson" - March 25th 1990 - killed 87 people in a fire that was certainly arson. Do you want to draw conclusions about all people who buy gasoline from this one incident?

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