Friday, March 28, 2008

Monday Morning Quarterbacks Love to Judge Self-defense

Local News: No Charges For Gas Station Shooter | charges, rapids, grand - The relatives of the guy who got shot are not happy, but self-defense under the Castle Doctrine is a call left to the man facing the situation.
after watching the surveillance video and investigating the case, Kent Co. Prosecutors agreed that Rodriguez' actions could have been interpreted as life-threatening.

"As you're watching (the surveillance video), this happens in an instant," said Kent Co. Prosecutor Bill Forsyth. "We could sit here and Monday-morning-quarterback this, and say well, 'He could have closed the door to his truck and gotten in and driven away. (Tett) could have stepped back, he could have waited to see what it was he was swinging at him, it might have changed things,' but that's not the way the law is written."
Faced with a hostile threat - a "wait and see" attitude can get you injured or killed.

Now I don't know what happened, and neither do you - neither of us were there, but the Castle Doctrine allows the person facing the danger to make the call. The prosecutor sounds sorry he can't bring charges, and that is exactly why the Castle Doctrine is in place. And in this case the surveillance tape backs him up.

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