Friday, March 14, 2008

More on the Volvo ReCharge

How It Works: Tomorrow's Hybrid | Popular Science A hybrid that could get 160 miles per gallon. Are you interested in that?
The ReCharge, Volvo’s concept plug-in hybrid, could squeeze 160 miles from a gallon of gas by tossing out the power-wasting transmission. It packs a small electric motor inside each wheel, so that no power is lost in the drivetrain. Here’s a look at the next generation of fuel-efficiency
Computer control of the motors is VERY critical. If one spins faster than the others, you could lose control.

Others are working on similar ideas, and given that the efficiency is astounding, and you can still get decent performance, I expect that something like this will be the standard drivetrain in 10 years, maybe less if the price of oil keeps going up.

Currently my vehicle gets a bit more than 20 miles per gallon. At 160 miles per gallon that would impact my budget like seeing gas at 40 cents a gallon. Yeah, that would make a difference.

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