Monday, March 17, 2008

A Not So Typical Small-town Hate Crime - Hate crime victim talks about the attack In some ways it was completely typical. The bastard in question wouldn't take on two men, he waited until one left the room and attacked the single gay man left. Can you spell "cowardice?"
He and his boyfriend went to Snuggery's Bar in Spencerport last Friday night. He told police while they were there someone started yelling gay slurs at them. When Lance's boyfriend left the bar room Lance was attacked.

“I have fractures in my face, and skull, it's a lot of pain,” Lance said.
They beat him until he was unconscious. He was punched and had his head slammed repeatedly into the floor.

In another way it wasn't so typical. - Arrest made in Spencerport hate crime Not only did they arrest someone fairly soon after the attack, they knew who he was from the outset and he turned himself in.

My guess is that it will now revert to "usual" and the "punishment" handed out will be a joke. Something along the lines of community service is my guess, even with the hate-crime rider. The picture with the article doesn't show much, but the attack was clearly vicious, given the two men were minding their own business.

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