Sunday, March 30, 2008

Reality Sets In, People React Accordingly

Gun sales on the rise: Series of York County shootings, robberies have been impetus for increase The Left loves to say that you should call police and cooperate with criminals to be safe. The problem is that those strategies don't work.
On Jan. 28, a gunman demanded money at Rock Hill's Saltwater Seafood Market. Ping Chen, 40, handed over $300 but was shot in the right shoulder and left hand. Chen has since returned to work.

On Feb. 5, a clerk at John Boy's Valero in Fort Mill was shot in the stomach after handing over money to a gunman. The triggerman also shot a customer, former Fort Mill Mayor Charlie Powers, in the face.
There are more examples.

The fact is that violent criminals don't stop being violent because you are nice to them.

People realize this and the fact that when seconds count, police are minutes away. The result has been expected: gun sales are up about 25% in the region covered by this story, and concealed carry permit classes are booked for months in advance.

This story even shines a light on the Left's list of expected horrors of concealed carry ("wild west shootouts" and the rest).
"The litany of horrors has not happened, and it's not surprising," said Lance Stell, an authority on gun topics related to Constitutional law, ethics and self-defense. "The evidence has proven that since the legal permission has spread across the country, the prediction that it would be a very bad thing and increase violence is proven not correct."
And while they can find one prosecutor who doesn't like self-defense, they also found a sheriff who supports people with concealed carry.
York County Sheriff Bruce Bryant supports those who legally carry handguns.

"People have a right to carry a firearm for the purpose of protecting themselves and their family," Bryant said. "I support that Constitutional right.

"We very rarely have any conflicts with the people who go through the training," Bryant added. "They're not the ones out there violating the law."
The quote by the prosecutor is subtle, and if his attitude is common, I hope South Carolina has a good Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground law.

Self-defense is a human right. The police cannot protect you every minute of every day. If you do meet a violent criminal, in the few seconds to few minutes that are going to count, you will be on your own with only the resources you carry with you.

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