Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This is a Test of Your Knowledge of America:
History and Fundamental Thought

You could call this "The Sad State of Education Today."

OK, there is a Social Science literacy test... How did I do?
You answered 54 out of 60 correctly — 90.00 %
Average score for this quiz during March: 71.0%
Average score since September 18, 2007: 71.0%
Not too bad, since US history post WWII never interested me much. That and as Gunscribe said, it has been a long time since I studied any of this.

The findings of the survey, are pretty discouraging.
College Seniors Failed a Basic Test on America’s History and Institutions.

College seniors know astoundingly little about America’s history, political thought, market economy and international relations.

The overall average score for the approximately 7,000 seniors who took the American civic literacy exam was 54.2%, an “F.” That is consistent with the overall average of 53.2% posted by seniors last year. Not one college surveyed can boast that its seniors scored, on average, even a “C” in American civic knowledge.

Harvard seniors scored highest, but their overall average was 69.6%, a “D+.” That is almost identical to the 69.7% earned by Harvard seniors last year. Yale and Princeton seniors averaged only 65.9% and 61.9%, respectively. At 18 colleges, the average senior scored less than 50%.
What are we teaching people today?

Apparently history, economics, and the history of political thought doesn't pass the Political Correctness test these days. Too many "old white men" wrote all those books for us to read them today. (Hume and Locke and Hobbes et al were only the people who inspired Jefferson and Adams and Paine when they were creating this country.)
Test Section Senior Mean (2006) Senior Mean (2005)
Overall 54.2% 53.2%
American History 58.8% 58.5%
American Political Thought 55.2% 51.4%
America and the World 50.8% 51.5%
The Market Economy 51.1% 50.5%
I guess it is no surprise that they aren't taught about economics. They might grow up to favor free enterprise.

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