Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This kind of thing is the result of not following the rules of safety

Flight Gunfire No Sure Disaster Recipe - The Associated Press Accidental discharge? Hardly... negligent discharge is more likely. [UPDATE! Apparently it was caused by the insane policies of our federal government - set the bottom of the post!]
The pilot of a US Airways plane may have been mishandling a firearm when it went off in flight, piercing the cockpit wall before the jet landed safely, a federal air marshal said Tuesday.
Don't know why they force everyone to use the same weapon, an H&K USP in .40-caliber.

They might as well dictate that everyone has to wear size 9 shoes.

The good news, of course is that the plane was never in danger of crashing. People get worked up about Hollywood, but it rarely manages to portray the truth about any issue.

Update: Via Jed in the comments we have Gun Accident In U.S. Airways Airliner Cockpit Was TSA Engineered!
The insane procedures required by the TSA demands that our pilots to lock and then un-lock their .40 side arms was and is a solid recipe for disaster. Did the TSA deliberately create this bizarre and unconventional Rube Goldberg firearm retention system hoping for this result? The sordid history of the FAA and TSA’s total resistance to the concept of arming pilots to protect Americans is in itself a scandal.
As many people have noted, the TSA and all federal agencies were very much against arming pilots in the first place.

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