Friday, March 28, 2008

What Happens When Politicians Ignore Market Forces?

Primary Health Care Needs Fixing Before Universal Care Can Work - Politicians promise universal health care, but do everything they can to force doctors out of primary care.... the specialty that would provide that universal health care.
Low payments to primary care doctors are discouraging those of us in practice and are dissuading new doctors from entering the field. Medicare's proposed 0.5% fee increase to family doctors like me for the remainder of 2008 is well below inflation. None of my office expenses will rise less than 0.5% this year.
I guess it really is true that Socialists don't understand market forces.

Take the People's Republic of Massachusetts for example.
Massachusetts, the state with mandated insurance coverage most like Sen. Hillary Clinton's health plan, has suffered a painful shortage of family doctors the last two years. More people signed up than predicted and higher costs have led to premium increases.
Of course that shortage of doctors remains a problem. You can't give people free medical care if there are no doctors to provide the care.

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