Saturday, March 29, 2008

You Will Hear a Lot about Geert Wilders' film

Updated and bumped to the top to reflect the fact the LiveLink removed the video. We shall have to see how long this one lasts. If you can spare 15 minutes, and can stomach the images, it really is worth seeing this film, if only because it will probably be gone in no time. (Free speech is not much valued today.)

Fitna is about Islam, and it isn't flattering. Translated passages from the Koran, together with images of the atrocities committed all over the world. Film of Islamic leaders stating their intent. You should see it.

Be warned! There are some pretty disturbing images in this film.

Free speech has to include the right to say things that upset some people, or it isn't free.

You apparently can't embed this video, but for the time being it can still be found on YouTube!.

Also on Google Video, but harder to see.

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