Wednesday, May 07, 2008

911 "mistake" leads to 35 minute delay

Dispatcher faulted for response to beating of elderly man - This is a violent attack and the 76-year-old man was bleeding from the head.
Police spokeswoman Elaine Driscoll says the dispatcher assigned a low priority to the April 20 call because the assailant had already fled the scene. She says the call-taker "misjudged the gravity of the situation."

Driscoll says the dispatcher will be retrained and could face discipline.
Translated: the dispatcher will attend a 1 day (or 3 day or whatever) class - perhaps at reduced pay, but still being paid - and "could" (but probably won't) face discipline.

One more time, I would like to hear how all of my problems will be solved by a call to 911. If this guy had been injured more severely, he could have died in 35 minutes.

The cops are minutes - sometimes many minutes - away. Whether or not you get help depends on an overworked, underpaid government functionary who is in no danger of losing their job, even if they screw up. Yeah, that sounds like the system I want to bet my life on.

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