Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Ah, Peaceful Gun Free California

Meeting set for Wednesday on Berkeley crime spree - Inside Bay Area I thought California, and Berkley in particular, was the home of peace and fluffy bunnies. (Oakland has its problems.) Turns out there are two separate crime sprees - which authorities are quick to point out are not related.

A group (can't we just call them a gang?) has been robbing restaurants. 8 so far - but they did arrest one 16-year-old. Somehow that doesn't sound like a group to me.

Separately, a lone, masked gunman has been perpetrating "takeover-style" robberies of businesses and their customers.

The police are having meetings to address the situation. This doesn't even consider the usual state of crime in Berkley and Oakland.
Moore said tensions are running high in Berkeley due to a seasonal spike in vehicle and home burglaries, drug activity, vandalism and the robberies.
Lovely time of year in California, the robbery, burglary and vandalism season.

Maybe they should encourage patrons of businesses to carry walking sticks? No, they wouldn't do that. These predators only have two feet.

I really do wonder what they will say? Do they need more laws making robbery or armed robbery a crime? Someone will suggest one I am sure. What they won't do is say it is time to give the people of California the right (and the tools) do defend themselves.

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