Monday, May 26, 2008

Domestic Violence Hits All Age Groups

Ex-husband confesses to killing his 65-year-old ex-wife She divorced him 2 years ago, and had a restraining order. It did nothing to save her.

He was arrested for accused of violating the order once before. Was he arrested? Given firm slap on the wrist? Whatever it was it didn't stop him.
The man was found standing over the body of Elisabeth K. Witte with a 5-inch knife. He was taken into custody and remained there without bail on Monday.
He was waiting for her after a Milwaukee Symphony performance that he knew she would be attending. (She was big with the Symphonic Chorus.)

Police arrived in time to do nothing arrest the guilty. They are incapable of protecting the innocent. A 911 call was made before the crime was committed, but when seconds count, police are minutes away. That isn't a dig against police. Response time for a 911 call will never be zero minutes.

He apparently had the "How dare you live without me" attitude. She left him and he couldn't stand it - that loss of control. He didn't love her. You don't murder (brutally) people that you love.

Anyone who as obtained a restraining order against someone needs more than a piece of paper; they need a plan for their personal security. I can hear the snobs, "But who expects to be attacked at the Symphony?" Of course the answer is that you can be attacked anywhere and should be prepared, but you are most at risk when you are at a known location on a known schedule. He knew she would be at that performance, and he knew when the performance would be over. Violent crime is NOT something that happens to other kinds of people in other kinds of places.

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