Sunday, May 18, 2008

Forewarned Was not Forearmed

Coyote attacks wear on nerves | The Journal Gazette So you move into a home and get a WARNING from a neighbor, about coyotes and a recommendation to "watch your pets." Apparently you don't believe it.
A few days ago, as far as Sell is concerned, the presence of coyotes near her home was confirmed. She came home from work one evening and let her dogs, two small dachshunds and a young Doberman, into the backyard.

It wasn’t long before two of the dogs had returned to the back door. As Sell was letting them in, she heard her other dachshund screaming and snarling, obviously in a fight of some kind. Sell called the dog’s name and ran to help it. When she got to her dog, it was covered in blood.

Sell and her husband took the dog inside and started to clean it up when they noticed their other dachshund. Its entire neck and back were torn open.
Why would you ignore a warning?

But then what would you do? Can you fire a gun in this area, even in defense of yourself or your property?

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