Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A Gun Free Zone? Only Because the Good Guys Had Guns

Deputy shoots, kills man in lobby of courthouse in St. Petersburg - St. Petersburg Times A local story, and I didn't even know about it. Appears a man returning documents to the courthouse in St Petersburg, for a divorce case, pulled a gun at the metal detector and and started firing. He was shot by sheriff's deputies and died at a St Pete hospital.

One of the bailiffs was injured.
The two deputies, B.J. Lyons, 58; and Marvin Glover, 57; returned fire, killing the man. The Sheriff's Office says a bullet the man fired struck the radio microphone that Lyons was wearing, and grazed his shoulder.
According to Forbes, he was treated and released.

Training helped, but luck was certainly with B.J. Lyons today. Without that radio, he would probably have been seriously injured. (I don't know if they are required to wear protective vests or not.)

You have to do more to create a gun free zone than just put up a sign, and even then you can have problems where the metal detectors are set up.

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