Sunday, May 04, 2008

Louisiana and Concealed Carry on Campus

House committee approves college firearms bill- A law to eliminate one class of defenseless victim zones is moving through the Louisiana legislature.
All college students 21 or older who have qualified for concealed handgun permits would be able to carry firearms to class and other parts of campus under a bill approved 11-3 by a House committee Thursday.
The reporter goes on about whether people "feel safe" instead of actually discussing whether or not they are safe.

Also mentioned is the fact that similar laws were introduced in 17 states and shot down - this year - in 15. (Indiana is still considering)

Absent is any mention of where concealed carry is allowed on colleges (there are a few places) and the fact that there haven't been any problems. Facts? In a story on guns? Better stick to feelings. [NRA-ILA]

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