Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mother Nature Has No Respect for You

Child Attacked By Wild Animal - Albuquerque News Story - KOAT Albuquerque People are shocked that if you wander around in wilderness (or even in not-so-wilderness today) you might come in contact with wild animals. Not all of them will be fluffy bunnies.

This is the latest tragedy about a kid injured by wild animals.
“The animal had the kid and was dragging him down the side of the hill. When the father jumped over there, the animal ran off,” said Ross Morgan, who works for the Department of Game and Fish.
Not clear what kind of animal was involved. What is clear is the extent of the injuries. The kid is in intensive care.

People are "shocked" about this reality.
“It’s shocking and kind of scary,” [a guy who spends time there] said. “We’re making sure we're keeping track of where everyone is and looking around.”
OK, you weren't doing this before? You shouldn't be in the wilderness.

People will still argue about whether or not you should go armed into the wilderness. Fine don't. But don't be shocked, when wild animals view you, your kids, your pets as food, when you venture into their world, or (as is happening more and more) they venture into your world. They are not fluffy bunnies, not all of them. Some of them will be dangerous. Some of them will be diseased. Humans use tools to keep these threats as bay. Don't do that, and you might become food.

You have to have respect for Mother Nature, because she has no respect for you.

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