Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Police Think They Get Special Rules

Police sued for $10 million over suicide of officer's daughter - SalemNews.com, Salem, MA Instead of following the rules - turning a suicidal kid over to hospital authorities - they called the kid's father, who just happened to be a police officer in that city. He took her home where she did commit suicide.

So in this case, thinking they know better than the rules, thinking fellow cops get a special "break" cost a girl's life. Everyone in sight is being sued for failure to follow procedure - essentially acting in a negligent fashion.

This is a tragedy for all concerned, but the point it illustrates is that cops - a very large number of cops - don't believe that the rules apply to cops. If that father had been an insurance salesman, do you think the cops would have violated the rules? They thought it would be better to let to cop handle his kid - less bad press or something. I hope those "friends" are tormented every night by the thought that they are responsible for that girl's death, but I don't believe that they are.

The idea that cops get special breaks, is exactly the idea that cops are above the law. It is an idea that needs to be shown for what it is - wrong.

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