Sunday, May 18, 2008

Political Correctness Run Amok

The dangers we all face when police are too terrified to think for themselves | the Daily Mail Christian ministers can't get help with vandals. Muslims get response from high-level officers with a single call.

People told not to press the complaint, told this by the police, because it will invite more violence.

Property damage ignored. People prosecuted for yelling at their kids.
There are numerous causes of this sorry situation, but two stand out.

First is the behaviour of central government, which for more than a decade has stripped its police officers of autonomy, preferring to believe its university-educated advisers know better than themen and women paid to do the job.

This has left police forces terrified to take independent action, believing - wrongly - that judgment and discretion play no part in their job.

Second is a national culture of political correctness that elevates concerns for equality above those of ordinary policing. On both counts, the micro management and the politicisation - a poisonous mixture - New Labour has been the greatest culprit.
Before you line up to castigate Labour, you should note that the political control of police started under the conservatives in the 1990s. It just got worse.

Britain is no longer great.

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