Friday, May 23, 2008

Religious Prejudice in America?

FLDS mom, 18, says state wanted her baby - Now I don't particularly like FLDS, but the state of Texas has acted like jack-booted thugs.

Based on the scanty evidence of a prank call, they pulled 400 some kids (the state had a real hard time coming up with a hard number the first few days) away from families. They did this with virtually no evidence the kids were abused, based mostly on the dislike of the religion.

Now as I said, I don't like FLDS, but I do like freedom of religion. I wish we had more of it - freedom that is - in this country. Unfortunately, the record of respect for religious freedom in this country is a bit spotty at best.

FLDS isn't the only religion that has been persecuted lately in America. Wicca has been treated horribly by the government for years, and snubbed personally by President Bush. Then there are the things that were done to Native Americans by the US Government in the name of forcing them to assimilate.

So, do you believe in freedom of religion, or not? Or is it only for the religions you like? (Or are government approved?)

If there is evidence of abuse, then act. But do you want the government to act without evidence, basing their action on prejudice?

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