Saturday, May 03, 2008

Shot and Killed With His Own Gun

Gunman shot at Inver Grove Heights liquor store had been in prison He tried to rob a liquor store, but the manager had other ideas.
Dwayne A. Curry, 42, died a few hours after the liquor store manager shot him at Trail Liquors on Thursday morning. Curry demanded cash, the manager grabbed the gun and the two scuffled, authorities said.

The manager, Matt Huerta, also was shot. He was reported in good condition Friday morning.
No doubt some will say ("some" being the Left) that if the manager had only cooperated with this criminal, all would be safe, but the truth is cooperation with violent criminals is no guarantee of safety.
State records show Curry has served prison time for nine burglary and theft-related felonies since 1986. He served six years for a 1994 armed robbery in Washington County and was released in 2000, records show. He was booked last fall in connection with burglary and stolen property in Minneapolis and St. Paul.
Police say that is looks to be self-defense, but the DA will review the case.

Self-defense is a human right, and as this case shows, attitude helps.

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