Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This has to be the stupidest bunch of bureaucrats I've heard of

KELOLAND.COM - Reaction To Moody County Shooting I expected better from South Dakota.

OK, a guy who is the subject of a PERMANENT restraining order, shows up at his ex-wife's home, and starts firing a gun.
investigators say it's still not clear exactly why he showed up at that home, which he was ordered to stay away from.
It's perfectly clear to me. He was there to do her harm, just like so many violent ex-husbands and ex-wives and ex-whatevers do. Why the big mystery?
Investigators say he fired a gun three times before someone in the home returned fire, killing him.
The goblin was killed with one shot from a rifle.

They are investigating to see if they can charge any of the survivors with a crime. But of course. The "criminal justice system" is only worried about their won/loss record, not Justice. "Criminal" is often the right adjective to use on the "Justice System."

Domestic violence is not a mystery. I read about these kinds of cases every week, except that usually, the ex-wife (or her new husband/boyfriend) ends up dead. Why the authorities in SD are confused about this, is beyond me.

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