Monday, May 19, 2008

This is an amazing story

Abducted woman rescued from Ypsilanti Twp. home- Usually stories like this end badly. This one ended well.
[D]eputies responded to the home after receiving a 911 call from the victim at about 2 a.m., said sheriff's Cmdr. Dave Egeler. She said her hands and legs were duct taped, but she managed to knock a phone off a table to call for help.

Upon arrival, the deputies looked in a window and saw the woman tied up, lying on floor near the back door in a laundry room, Egeler said. After backup arrived, 10 deputies forced open the door and pulled her out safely.
A man and woman asleep in the residence were arrested. A pit-bull was shot and killed.

The woman knew the man - who approached her in a public place and punched her in the face. Not sure how they knew one another.

All too often, when I read a story like this, the police only arrive in time to gather evidence in a murder. It is nice to read a story with a happy ending.

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