Monday, June 09, 2008

As Canada Goes After Law-abiding Gun Owners, Criminals Keep Being Criminals On the knife's edge So if guns are hard for criminals to get, do they then stop being criminals? Not hardly.
Toronto police responded to 167 stabbings up to the end of April, 2008 - in 73 of those cases, the victims were taken to hospital in serious condition. That's up from 58 by April last year.

Still, overall homicide rates - by any method - for Toronto and its suburbs are roughly the same so far this year as they were last year.
Glad that gun control is working. Of course it was never about crime control.

So now the idiots in charge of the asylum are going after legal gun owners and legal businesses. (It must be their fault, right?)
In Toronto and its suburbs, the ease with which you can purchase a knife attracts scant attention. Instead, the city is so consumed with combatting gun crime that Mayor David Miller and City Council will vote this month on the extraordinary step of evicting legal gun clubs from publicly owned locations such as Union Station, where a gun club has been housed since 1921.
So what was all that about criminals? Do you think criminals are going to the gun club at Union Station in downtown Toronto? Neither do I.

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