Monday, June 02, 2008

Chicago Cop Tells Some of the Truth - Cop Tells FBI He Terrorized Chicago Citizens So should the police "cross the line" - translation, commit crimes - in the name of fighting crime? Is that what the "Justice System" is supposed to be about?
Keith Herrera told Katie Couric that as a Chicago cop with the now-disbanded Special Operations Section, or SOS, he crossed the line often -- falsifying police reports, brutalizing citizens, to get guns and drugs off the street. And Herrera said, his superiors knew all about it, telling him: "keep it up, as long as you're getting guns, drugs, bad guys, keep it up. If they tell you to keep it up, you keep it up."
So much for serving and protecting.

Of course, once you cross the line, it becomes easier to cross the line, and one or more began to plan murders - not just of citizens but of fellow cops.
But Herrera drew the line when Jerome Finnigan, the rogue cops' acknowledged ringleader, asked Herrera to help kill two other [Special Operations Section] officers who planned to testify against him.
So how often do cops "cross the line?" We only hear about it when there is a video on YouTube, or something like this come up, but I have no doubt it happens on a smaller scale all the time.

So are we winning the War on (Some) Drugs, or is it destroying our public institutions? Is it OK to do anything to get the drug dealers off the street? Is it OK to ignore the constitution, or kill the innocent all in the name of the War on Drugs?

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