Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Falcon Chicks: Midwestern Peregrins

Falcons have been making a great comeback in the Midwest. Currently the chicks are losing their downy white appearance and growing gray feathers. You can see them at various websites.

FalconCam-Evanston Public Library (just north of Chicago) has a view of 4 chicks, being raised on one of the decorative column caps of the library.

EarthCam - Falcon Cam shows the 5 chicks at the Peregrine nest on the roof of Midwest Generation's power plant in Waukegan, Illinois. (A little farther north.) Check the Hall of Fame for some great photos.

Uptown, a Chicago neighborhood has one breeding pair, but no web cam. But they do live in the city, building eyries on building ledges, bridges and fire escapes.

These birds were in real danger, not that long ago, from the over-use of DDT. But the breeding pairs in the Midwest have been fairly successful. The species will likely be upgraded from "endangered" to "threatened."

Chicago recently named the Peregrine as the City's official bird. They love the tall buildings, and eat pigeons. What's not to like?

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