Tuesday, June 03, 2008

One Home Invader Dead, Homeowner Injured

1 Dead, 2 Hurt In Phoenix Shooting - Local News Story - KPHO Phoenix This looks like a foiled home invasion.
"We believe two suspects came to rob the house, do a home invasion, and forced their way in," [Sgt. Andy] Hill said.
The homeowner killed one of the invaders, and injured the other. The injured guy ran for a getaway vehicle.

The homeowner was rushed to the hospital, but no word on his injuries.

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kali_W. said...

The home owner was stabbed in the side twice because he stood up and defended his family...he healed quickly and the second intruder was found 2 weeks later in his apartment left for dead by the man driving the get away car...the home owner(wesley Williams) is fully healed and still standing up to protect his family^_^