Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Pro-gun Article in Both the LA Times and Chicago Tribune

Hell, Frozen OverOwners say pistols are nothing to hide -- A pro-gun article in the Chicago Tribune originating in the LA Times. Am I living in the Twilight Zone?

This is a discussion of open carry of firearms in various states. (NOT Illinois of course!) The most negative comment they can come up with? Whining from police.
Police acknowledge the practice is legal, but some say it makes their lives tougher.
They go on to cite one incident of open carry that lead to problems.

I'm sorry, but society isn't - or shouldn't be - designed to make the job of police easier. Societies where the police are able to easily do whatever "needs" to be done are usually called police states.

They do mention, buried in the last paragraphs of the article, how police step on the rights of the law-abiding.
Deveraux has been stopped several times by police, most memorably in December when he was walking around his neighborhood.

An officer pulled up and pointed his gun at Deveraux, warning he would shoot to kill. In the end, eight officers arrived, cuffed Deveraux and took his gun before Deveraux convinced them they had no legal reason to detain him.

Deveraux saw the incident as not giving ground on his rights. "I'm proud that happened," he said.
This kind of behavior is not uncommon. That doesn't make it right. Aren't the police supposed to be a little knowledgeable where the law is concerned? He needs to complain, and get some training updated.

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