Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Walk Out of a Bar, End Up in the Hospital

gay flagRANT ALERT: If you don't like rants, you may want to avert your eyes.

1 Injured In Alleged Hate Crime - Phoenix News Story - KPHO Phoenix Sent to the hospital for walking out of a bar; all because people hate you for who you are.
Michel Brown said he and his openly gay friends found themselves confronted by group of men yelling anti-gay remarks.

"People were getting pushed into the street," said Steven Tran, a witness. "They were hitting the pavement horribly hard, and then the next thing I know I heard a punch, the loudest punch I ever heard."
So the Right loves to go on about how Gays want special rights.

Leaving a bar and hailing a cab without being attacked is a special right? Yeah, right.

Now I am not a fan of the idea behind hate crimes, but I understand why we have them. I have seen police called to the scene of a gay-bashing arrest the guy bleeding on the sidewalk for disturbing the peace. If every assault was treated like assault we wouldn't have hate crimes, but police don't always treat everyone the same.

The parents of one of the guys arrested are upset. "You have the wrong man." Yeah, 'cause little Johnny would never be that mean. Little Johnny faces hate crime charges.

And if anyone wants to debate how the right to be myself constitutes a "special right," jump right in. But before you do, think about your work environment. Does anyone have pictures of loved ones, kids, marriage ceremonies? How many of those with pictures proudly displayed are gay? How many of straights have been assaulted for being who you are? How many men have had that experience? (Stats say that the straight men will have raped a fair percentage of the women.)

Yeah, I can see how you think it is all about special rights.

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