Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What If You Called 911 and No One Cared?

Channel 4 Local News and Weather for Reno-Tahoe Region: Store manager says 911 call ignored during brawl Another example of why I don't want to bet my life or safety on a bunch of government functionaries.
An Arco store manager says he's disappointment with the lack of emergency response to a brawl that made a mess of his store just before 2am Tuesday.

A security camera at the store on South Virginia shows six people fighting and knocking over shelves.

The surveillance video also shows the store clerk on the phone. The manager says this is when the clerk called 9-1-1. The manager says no one answered the clerk's call.
The 911 system administrator is "investigating." Be prepared for asset covering followed by a firm knuckle-rapping to the scapegoat.

They are government employees. You would be hard pressed to see them get fired if they committed a crime on the job (see the Chicago police force for examples), getting them in hot water because they aren't doing their job is not to be hoped for.

Not all people in government are slackers. Not all of them are great workers. When you call 911 it is a crap shoot for which kind you will get. And even if the individual is a dedicated worker, the system was still designed by the government and implemented by the low-bidder. Do you think it is error-free?

You are free to bet your life on a call to 911, just don't insist that I bet mine on that system.

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