Friday, June 06, 2008

Why Do Americans Think Everything Has to Be Dubbed in English?

I was unfortunate enough to catch part of a Bleach episode on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim the other day.

Oh. My. God. Did that suck.

Now anime is one of my guilty pleasures, and Bleach (the first season or two anyway) is a decent show. But if you are going to watch anime - or any Japanese movie for that matter and there are many worth watching - watch it in Japanese with the subtitles. (Same goes for Chinese.)

But on this show in particular, the voice-over actors chosen were horrible, the translation was questionable, and in general it made me grind my teeth. I think I will stick to watching the anime with translated subtitles available on the web.

Bleach: Ichigo and Rukia
Bleach takes its name from the hair color of one of the main characters. (This is the best guess.) Ichigo's hair is orange. When Japanese try to bleach their hair blond, they often end up with orange instead.

It is a fairly typical anime in the sense that it has all of the "standard characters" the main character Ichigo, the main strong female character Rukia, the "big guy" character, the not-quite-helpless female character, the sensei (or instructor), etc.

It also contains a fair amount of animated violence, since it is basically a Samurai story.

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